Where to download LBRY for 32 bit linux?


where to download LBRY for 32 bit linux?


There is no precompiled LBRY package for 32bit Linux. Are you looking for a certain piece in the LBRY stack? The full desktop app? lbrycrd should compile on 32bit Linux but I’ve never tested it.


The deb only supports 64 bit systems but you can also try the flakpak found here to see if it works on a 32 bit system - https://github.com/lbryio/lbry-desktop#install. The other option is to run from source (instructions at the same link).


You will need to build both lbrynet ( Pyinstaller detect arch of OS and build correct binary) and LBRY App.
Here comes a step by step guide:

  1. Download source of lbrynet
  2. Clone LBRY Desktop App
  3. Copy builded daemon binary to LBRY-Desktop-Folder/static/daemon (you will need create that folder) make sure you give binary executable permision.
  4. Compile LBRY App
  5. Enjoy app on 32-bits :smiley: