How to organize this forum?


I think having one forum with everything thrown in is a mistake.

But having too many forums is also bad.

So let’s discuss proposed organization.

Here’s a start:

  • General (serves as a catch-all for everything that doesn’t clearly go in protocol or apps)
  • Protocol
  • Apps (both internal and custom?)
  • Random / Off-Topic


What is the purpose of this forum? What kind of information should and should not be here?

If someone asks a question as a github issue, are we going to close that issue and send them here?


If the question is not appropriate for GitHub, then yes.


Moved to meta in case others have comments. I figured it’s easier to evolve from 1 then pick several and get it wrong, so we’re starting with just one. I also added a banner to the site.


Ah, I just realized the Q/A plugin works best if it’s category-wide, so maybe we should start with Tech Questions and Tech Discussions, or something like this.


There’s also a tag based system for Q/A (someone would need to know to apply that tag though), not sure if I did this one correctly or not: Q/A plugin testing


We could also have General Questions for non-technical q/a, and an FAQ or some other KB-type section. Doing it here seems a lot nicer than doing it on (you get search, its easier to edit, etc)


I thought the purpose of this forum is to be more on the tech side, so we wouldn’t want general FAQ/kb stuff here. Tech KB/FAQs should be on